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    I am a professional tattooer of 10 years experience working out of Freaks and Geeks Tattoo in NE Portland. Im into bold holds, painting, and working hard.
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    Portland, OR
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    tradition,education, painting with spit, cats, snacks, metal
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  1. Yeah, for me the big issues with microns is are that watercolor paper just sucks them dry making them not very long lasting or consistent with saturation. I also dont like how they reflect light when being scanned if you're going to make prints (thus making shitty prints). Keep trying with the nibs. It's all about practice, angle, and finding the right kind of ink for flow. If you let the outlines dry for a while they totally stay while you do your washes.
  2. I used to use micron or other graphic pens but forced myself to learn how to use a pen and nib. I use a B 5 or B 5.5 nib and dip it in speedball or whatever other permanent black and let that dry well before I start painting. It took a while to learn but it's much nicer looking than pen and easier and more consistent than using a brush.
  3. Started this Piece but havent gotten a chance to finish because the client ran out of $$ for now. A damn shame! Im loving the motorhead vader
  4. Snake head on me by Nick Vargas of F U tattoo in Santa Cruz
  5. a.robbie


    Im Alana_tattoos. Also, as far as filters go, I never use them when posting photos of my tattoo work.
  6. a.robbie

    Tumblr (?)

    Dermagraphique: A Tattoo Critique
  7. a.robbie


    Hey, I havent logged back on in a minute, so sorry for the late response. Im living in the near Oakland/Berkeley area and I work out in concord (only connection I had from way over in Cleveland!) I would love to attend a meet up, painting session, or any kind of art event. Im dying to meet and mingle with some of my fellow local artists!
  8. a.robbie


    Hello fellow tattoo aficionados. Im a recent SF Bay Area transplant from Ohio and a full time tattooer of 9 years experience. Im into tradition, painting, critique, education, cats, and bold holds. Nice to meet you!
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