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  1. sure thing oy, I'm not sure of what to put with the turtle/dragon, yeah, but definitely waves. cool, I'll check him out! good luck, and keep us informed!
  2. Hi, welcome. I can't see those four things working together in one leg sleeve. I would guess (and it's only a guess) that the dragon turtle, because it supports things, would work well for the leg, and then the foo dog could be located higher up, on the leg, or better, on the arm, because it guards temples. I can't see them working with oni or hannya masks: they seem completely unrelated ( not religious symbols). They could work with maple leaves, representing autumn, and impermanence, but even here I'm very very hesitant to recommend maple leaves with immovable/permanent objects and ideas like the two you mention. But you understand the complexity of all this. Part of the beauty of Japanese tattooing is having one or two ideas per body part. This seems to me to be simply too much. You should spread those ideas out over the whole body. Do you have a backpiece? I ask, because in Japanese tattooing that's the centerpiece, from which these other ideas are secondary. But I'm by nooooo means an expert!!!!! I'd be very interested to hear others' ideas. Where are you located/who are you thinking about for the artist? Cheers!
  3. I'm doing a Japanese backpiece, and generally speaking, that's a situation of slow and steady wins the race.... which I rather like. It becomes a part of the rhythm of life in a way that's gotta be different than a sprint. Getting tattooed monthly over the span of many years is the true marathon. just my 2 cents
  4. Takashi Matsuba at Behind the Circle in Brooklyn is the place to go:
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    I mean, if you share a picture it might help to have the crowd here tell you what they think. Instant regrets can set in, but maybe it's not so bad. And from what I hear lasering can be a very costly, painful, and arduous experience.
  6. appears very good for the style, the problem being that watercolor tattoos aren't typically recommended, as they'll be a was in a few years' time. good luck.
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    you don't have to explain shit to anyone man
  8. man, my ass and thighs don't hurt nearly at all, even though everyone else says they're the worst. my back is what kills! yeah, that's the sense of loss at not being fully able to witness our back(sides)!
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    if you're moisturizing a lot it's probably just a clogged pore, which is very common
  10. so interesting to hear the stories. for mine, it was like, "here's my hourly rate." "here are some ideas; I think this one" deposit. show up. let the journey begin.....
  11. I assume you're not seeing real or good Japanese tattooing....
  12. it really is too late now....
  13. I see what you're saying but it looks like a really well done piece. I think once you live with it for a while you'll be really happy with it. My advice is to enjoy it!
  14. jesus! so is this unrelated to the tattoo? the tattoo just exacerbated it? very sorry to hear this.
  15. mine is a bit different, but I got it well after she died. it's a minogame: a Japanese folk turtle with seaweed on its back, surrounded by waves and maple leaves. it represents felicity and longevity, and for me it represents my mother who liked fall and the ocean. death sucks, death sucks so much, but at least we can get nice tattoos
  16. so very sorry to hear that; it's good to be able to memorialize her in this way.
  17. do NOT laser it. I think we all feel a little bummed when things don't turn out as we envision it, but that's why you have to trust your artist, and trust you made the right decision choosing your artist. kirin usually look the way you describe, with the legs sticking up at the back/in the air, and the head in the front. and they're a mythological animal, so....
  18. all my pieces are meaningful: my backpiece is the Buddhist protector of the heavenly musicians--I'm a musician. on my calf I've got a minogame in autumn with water--a minogame symbolizes long life and happiness, and for me represents my mother.