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  1. @Oiocha Haha, yes I picked up on the hints. I like your enthusiasm! @Gingerninja At the moment, the only appointment I have booked is with Jamie King on Sunday. I was debating not making appts the other days and just trying my luck at walk-ups. No hotel room, I live about 30-40 minutes away so I just make the drive each day. @Hands On Yeah, that's what I'm starting to realize. I go to Pagoda every year, but I always just get 1 tattoo.
  2. @cyoonit123 Nope, the convention I was referring to was Pagoda City in PA. @SStu That's a good point. I guess I just always assumed that once the -derm product goes on it has to stay on for a few days. Appreciate your response, thanks.
  3. Hi all. Looking for some advice here. I'm attending an upcoming 3 day tattoo convention and was thinking about getting tattooed each day. My dilemma would be about the healing process. Basically I'm curious if anyone has done this before and how they healed. I know the go-to answer will be Saniderm/Tegaderm, but I have used that stuff a few times and even though I healed fine, something about covering my tattoo with a sticky bandage just makes me paranoid something will get trapped in there. I end up not liking it because I spend too much time worrying. But on the other hand, if I just
  4. I'll be there. Hopefully all 3 days, but we'll see what happens.
  5. Mike had been my favorite artist for a while now and I was finally able to get tattooed by him in November while he was briefly in Philadelphia. Our encounter was short, but he seemed like a really genuine guy. No "cool guy" bullshit from him either. It was very easy to see why he was such a highly respected tattooer. He was also very funny and had me laughing the whole time. I had planned more work from him next time he was in town. Gone way too F***ing soon. https://www.gofundme.com/mike-fite-family-fund
  6. @suburbanxcore Thanks! Eric is a super nice guy and I'm sure you're plenty familiar with his work. Hopefully I'll get some more from him after he recovers from surgery.
  7. Thanks! It's a great shop if you haven't been there yet check it out.
  8. Here is a shot of my back all healed and settled. Started and finished in 2017. Done by the one and only Eric Perfect in Philadelphia, PA.
  9. Got this in November from Mike Fite when he was at the new Kadillac Tattoo in Hatboro, PA.
  10. @Valrie11 Damn, 7 hour back session? That's tough. My back was lined in about 3 hours. Afterwards it felt like I was hit by a car.
  11. Bumping this thread since I'll be in Portland the end of October. The places posted here seem good, but is this pretty much it? Searching the internet and instagram not really finding anything worthwhile. At this point I'm leaning towards a stop in Portsmouth to get one from Jason Scott or someone at Hobo's / Congress (if my wife doesn't mind the slight detour.)
  12. Hello. Finally decided to join this board after lurking for a little while. I was never much of a forum guy, but I figured I'll give this a shot. I look forward to joining the discussion and posting some of my pieces.
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