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  1. Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    Thanks! It's a great shop if you haven't been there yet check it out.
  2. Full Back Piece Experience Thread

    Here is a shot of my back all healed and settled. Started and finished in 2017. Done by the one and only Eric Perfect in Philadelphia, PA.
  3. Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    Got this in November from Mike Fite when he was at the new Kadillac Tattoo in Hatboro, PA.
  4. Full Back Piece Experience Thread

    @Valrie11 Damn, 7 hour back session? That's tough. My back was lined in about 3 hours. Afterwards it felt like I was hit by a car.
  5. Obligatory first post...

    Thanks everyone!
  6. Portland, Maine

    Bumping this thread since I'll be in Portland the end of October. The places posted here seem good, but is this pretty much it? Searching the internet and instagram not really finding anything worthwhile. At this point I'm leaning towards a stop in Portsmouth to get one from Jason Scott or someone at Hobo's / Congress (if my wife doesn't mind the slight detour.)
  7. Obligatory first post...

    Hello. Finally decided to join this board after lurking for a little while. I was never much of a forum guy, but I figured I'll give this a shot. I look forward to joining the discussion and posting some of my pieces.