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  1. have an appointment tomorrow with Greg Christian during his visit at Elm Street in Dallas.
  2. Blackworkers on Instagram showcase a lot of work that falls under that category: https://instagram.com/blackworkers/
  3. I think the piece you're missing is that you don't need to find anyone that can draw. You need to find the tattoo artist/shop you want to have do the piece and work with that person to draw it for you and ultimately tattoo it for you. It's what they do... The "someone" you find who can draw, might be great at drawing but will have no clue how to draw it to be tattooed. They wont know how it needs to flow or lend itself to the particular spot you want it tattooed on your body. So first, find the tattoo artist/shop...then go talk to them in person and they'll work it out with you. Do you already have a shop in mind? If not, I'm sure someone can give you a few suggestions if you tell us where you're located. Good luck.
  4. Started some dot shading last weekend. Quick 2-hour session with Thomas Hooper until next time, which will be in August. I need to take a month or so off so I can swim with the kids over their summer break. Once we're done with shading this section, we're gonna hammer out whats going on in the lower belly area and right ribs. crap...sorry the pic is loading horizontally. I'll see if I can fix that.
  5. @Wilhell - Did that blast over from Chad really only take 2 and a half hours?? It's awesome man..as is the filler from Tony. I'm going to be down at ROA this Sunday with Thomas. Unfortunately, I have more than 2.5 hours left...
  6. Tony Hundahl just posted dates on his Instagram for the end of this month for when he's doing a guest spot at Invictus! Welcome to the forum!
  7. Next session with Kore Flatmo is 2 weeks away! Then I start stomach/rib pieces with Thomas Hooper a few weeks after that! Super pumped!
  8. Here's the existing thread you could use: http://www.lastsparrowtattoo.com/forum/general-tattoo-discussion/5952-thread-posting-while-getting-tattooed.html
  9. I have my kid's names, but I didn't dwell on any meaning or specific reference to their personality or interests. I got my son's name before we even knew we wanted another kid. I was down in Austin visiting a friend and went to Diablo Rojo and picked a sacred heart off the wall. Leo changed it a bit based on things we talked about and threw "Ethan" in the banner. Really just because I like catholic imagery. And then when my daughter was about 4 years old she started giving me crap about having Ethan and not Ruby, so when Kore Flatmo was drawing up my cover up, I asked him if he could just toss in a banner with "Ruby" on it...bam...problem solved. I actually really like how it turned out. She was floored then...and still thinks its the best thing ever.
  10. My friend, Jay Ryan, does some screen printing workshops at his studio in Chicago (the bird machine) and my wife and i went up last year for a weekend visit. We were lucky enough to get to do it on the same weekend when he had a show opening at Rotofugi of his paintings. Also, Aaron Horkey was Jay's special guest at the workshop and the print we made was a collab between the two of them. It was very awesome to be able to learn the screen printing process, watch Jay and Aaron cut rubylith, and take turns with 8 other workshop students manually pulling the screens and working a semi-automatic press. The print is titled, "Ouroburos".
  11. Thanks and no worries about using my post as an example. It's a valid concern, just not one that I have. I have thought about it a little, but it wasn't enough to slow me down. My chest rarely sees the sun. When it does, it's when I'm swimming with my kids...and we're super careful with the sunscreen with them, which makes it easy to remember to protect myself.
  12. Thanks @Iwar ! My last session is in mid March and I'll try harder then to get a picture of both in the same picture together.
  13. Had my 2nd session with Thomas Hooper yesterday. Mostly dot shading and mostly sat okay for it. Much easier than the line work during our first session.
  14. Marie Sena does this here in Dallas on her days off from the tattoo shop. She has a link to the office she works at from her main website: Marie Sena Tattooing and Illustrative Works About DMT
  15. If you're in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, Train Wreck opens today at 5...featuring new works by Daniel Higgs: Current I'll be there with the wife and kids...unless they flake on me.
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