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  1. I made a short video about my visit to The Ohio Tattoo Museum! Check it out its an enjoyable three minutes. Thanks! http://youtu.be/6Jxdw8XOdv4
  2. SOUTH AMERICA!!! Women, landscape and mystery Need I say More!!!
  3. Jodorowsky is probably one of the biggest influences in Tarot and Film in my opinion. The man's a genius.
  4. Went to the Cleveland Rocks Tattoo Convention last Saturday. A TON of little to no tattoos "Tattoo Artists" Made me so sick to my f'n stomach. I just don't understand some peoples dispositions about wanting to be some sweet tattoo guy w/ no f'n tattoos! Lyle Tuttle was there along with Gil Monte and Philadelphia Eddie. How Dare you show up to work, let only tattoo at a tattoo convention w/ no tattoos. i'm usually keep it cool and mind my own business when it come to what most people do, but when it hurts what I love, I cant sit back. Sometimes I wish there was a congressional committee o
  5. I just conducted what is known as a "Star Spread" - 5 cards pulled from meditations on the Major Arcana. The exhibition was essentially a raw reflection of my inner being at the time. Cards that loomed over my house over the course of a year leading up to the show The Empress, The Emperor, The wheel, The Devil, The Star and The Chariot (Installation)
  6. -Reallyy???!! Nice!! @BlackVonD I second that! and Welcome to the Forum!!
  7. Paintings from Dustin Nowlin's one man show, The Marseille Companion, in Ohio last May. :p Based on the original Tarot De Marseille Dustin Nowlin - Fine Art
  8. I got my first at 16. it was "Faith" on my torso. It was just the sort of tummy rocker I thought I could live with, without regret and fear of it going out of style. I knew next to nothing bout tattoos or tattooing. Soon after I became an apprentice.
  9. Amusing story indeed! However whenever such a subject comes about, I feel people should replace the ideal of tolerance/intolerance -with ACCEPTANCE and perhaps even forgiveness. Accept one and all as human alike. after all we all die. C/S
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