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  1. I really wanted to book with Deno for his stint at King's Ave at the end of the month but didn't/don't have the money. I'm so bummed out! Hopefully I'll be able to book something with Ron Wells in the next couple of months!
  2. I have a hammerhead shark I got from Deno at the beginning of the month, absolutely love it!
  3. Good Faith Tattoo. Ian Dana or Johannes. I've been tattooed by Johannes. Great guy and a solid tattooer!
  4. I went to Roc City last year from Burlington, VT. It wasn't too bad of a trip.
  5. Alright, here's the hammerhead shark I got from Deno on Sunday:
  6. Blackstalliontattoo - Boston is Johannes' website. He's a great guy and a great artist. Can't wait to get tattooed by him again.
  7. I got tattooed by Deno at Kings Ave NYC yesterday. It was an awesome experience. Will have a picture later.
  8. I really like the look of that Seth Wood snake. My girlfriend has her only tattoo from him...he's such a solid tattooer and definitely on my list of artists I want something from.
  9. I just booked with Deno for November 4 when he's guesting at King's Ave. So excited. Going down and dropping off my deposit this afternoon.
  10. ShoeGlue


    Thanks! I posted a picture here: http://www.lastsparrowtattoo.com/forum/tattoo-advice/8-choosing-your-first-tattoo-page9.html Just a bear done by Johannes. Blackstalliontattoo - Boston
  11. This is currently my only tattoo, done by Johannes(Black Stallion Tattoo) who now works at Good Faith in Brookline, MA. I'd wanted a tattoo since I was 18. I'd been throwing around a lot of ideas in my head of band-related tattoos but couldn't settle on where I'd start. I'd been researching artists for a while and one day stumbled on the stencil for basically this bear that Johannes had on his Facebook saying that he wanted to do the bear on someone. No one had replied, so I volunteered and ended up getting it done at the Rochester convention in May.
  12. I got my first earlier this year when I was 22. I definitely had been thinking about getting tattooed since the day I turned 18, but I'm glad I waited as long as I did and actually put some thought into who I wanted to do my first one.
  13. On Sunday I'm getting a wolf from Johannes, who just moved to Good Faith Tattoo in Brookline, MA. Really excited.
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