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  1. All the guys over at Tattoo Faction in Cleveland. Greg Christian, Robbie Hamilton, Dave and Dan Wulff, Cindy Stroemple.... All great people and rad tattooers.
  2. Met Mike at the Montreal Convention. One of the nicest most humble dudes ever. Wish I'd had the loot to get a piece from him while I was there!
  3. Thanks for the kind words guys. I was with Jay Scott at the convention in Montreal! I work with him in Portsmouth. Graeme, stop by the shop next time you're in town!
  4. I realize tat tattoos have become more "culturally acceptable" in the past decade or so, but it drives me insane when kids from the suburbs come in looking to get a neck/hand/face tattoo without having any other work... Seems like everyone wants the "warped tour" sleeves these days. Wrist to fingers. Drives me nuts.
  5. Hey, new member to last sparrow. I'm a tattooer out of Portsmouth NH and I'm here to get feedback and basically get a feel for the tattoo community at large. I have a project going right now with some tattooers that I really respect and I'd love some input. Feel free to comment and/or message me. Thanks, Billy
  6. Billy Chop

    eagle seat

    Seat done for the Northeast Chop Shop in Portland ME
  7. Billy Chop

    Clipper seat

    Seat done for a chopper project
  8. Billy Chop

    Red Skull seat

    Did this seat as a piece for a benefit to be auctioned off.
  9. Billy Chop

    Hannya seat

    Finished this one awhile ago... Belongs to Dustin at FIve Fathoms Tattoo
  10. Billy Chop

    Jason Scott seat

    Seat I worked on with Jason Scott. Hobos Tattoo Shop
  11. Billy Chop

    Greg Christian seat

    Seat I did as a collaboration with Greg Christian out of Tattoo Faction
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