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  1. You've been around for a minute and keep giving one line surface responses......do we get to see your tattoos?

  2. thanks for the plugs on your site!

  3. how you doing? just wanted to make sure you guys got the package we sent out to the shop for everyone? if not, let me know so i can get another one out. thanks for everything!

  4. How have you and the misses been? See you still sign in though have been silent.....hope all is well and you two and continuing to get badass tattoos!?!

  5. Just wanted to say thanks for taking part in the site as well as welcoming new LSTers!

  6. Wanted to respond to your post but outside Erik's intro.

    First, I've enjoyed having you a part of the forum and watching your tattoos and post grow since you first joined. Really cool to bare witness to it, hope you're having fun!?!

    Lastly, yeah I still have most my back open and most of my right leg (I'm trying to do smaller pieces by various tattooers so I can keep getting tattooed) then smaller spaces/filler scattered throughout the rest of my body.

    Thanks again for being a part of the site with us!!

  7. Good meeting you and your brother the other week, let me know the details as they come up regarding your guys convention so you or I can make sure we promote it on LST and through our social media outlets.

  8. It was nice to finally meet you a few weeks back, thanks for supporting the site.

  9. Good meeting you a few weeks ago and hope the tattoos you got came out to your liking. It sounded like you guys had fun...

  10. Hey I never got to say goodbye but wanted to say it was a pleasure meeting you and talking! Next time we'll have to grab some food and shoot the shit some more

  11. Good meeting you and thanks for the print. How was the rest of the convention and the raiders game?

  12. Happy birthday!

  13. Loving all the tattoo pictures you've been uploading, thanks for sharing!!

  14. So when are you moving out here? It is cheaper......though I understand the grasp NY can have on you. If I could afford to live there I would and have thought about it many times over the years but the finances always get me. What is your trade/profession of desire by the way?

  15. I enjoyed your squid pants drawing on your blog the other day and just wanted to say thanks for continuing to be a part of our new project here!

  16. Thanks for posting up your tattoo pictures. I'm really enjoying the flash!

  17. Thanks for signing up and joining our tattoo forum. If you would like your post with your websites info approved/posted you'll need to post a prominent link on your site to LST then let us know and we can approve. You can find the link to us options here. Thanks.

  18. Nice new avatar pic.

    Thanks for the comment on the new icons....Steve actually hooked them up. We're slowly adding our own flavors to the template we started this forum with which includes some badass new features we are sorting out.

    Thanks for riding this ride with us since the beginning.

  19. Nice post, thanks for weighing in on that one. When do we get to see this body suit as that list is impressive and always enjoy seeing their work?

    Where'd you do your undergrad or grad at? Are you currently working in psych? We have a few people on this site that work in various psychology avenues.

  20. Thanks for the heads up.

  21. I have not heard from Hbomb but do know many are trying to locate him and the word is getting out that way so hopefully he pops up alive......

  22. Shawn, thanks so much for your contributions to the site from tattoos to food as I/we are really enjoying them. Also saw you gave us a link on your blog so thanks for that as well and hope you will continue to enjoy your time with us!!!

  23. We found the needed software to instal so hopefully in the next few weeks this will be completed. thanks for the feedback.

  24. Perfect timing...we are actually having some discussions and looking at new options around the gallery for user friendliness for both members and visitors. But this one we didn't know so thanks. I told the other LST Admins.

  25. Happy Birthday!!!

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