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  1. done by Chris O'Donnell at his private studio happy new year to all
  2. majorpenalty


    by Cris Cleen @ Saved Tattoo
  3. majorpenalty

    Pin Up Girl

    by Steve Boltz @ Smith Street Tattoo Parlour
  4. yes the friendship hands, i see this tattoo pop up all over the place, i thought it had something to do with respect, honesty where does it originate from? sailors?
  5. i like the design but i'm not really sure what it means, honesty?
  6. majorpenalty

    Chris Conn

    when was this pic taken and what did you have done by chris conn?
  7. i'm open to black/grey, pinup, traditional or maybe a tattoo symbolize my cali trip(cholo or cholo girl) haven't decided on anything specific yet i need to know some good artists in sd area so i can look up what they're good at - - - Updated - - - i think avalon has 2 shops around sd but im not familiar with their artists - - - Updated - - - who did you get tattooed by at full circle, i'm only familiar with Canales' work - - - Updated - - - also i'm supposed to talk to ben grillo tomorrow, maybe i'll get lucky and book something with him
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