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    When I joined Last Sparrow years back I was an Apprentice at a shop. I survived that lol but my Mentor did not he passed away, after that I opened my own shop. It is doing really well. Why I have not be login it is that I have been redirected to spam sights when trying to find Last Sparrow. I thought the sight was dead. The main reason I am back is because I have beed painting a lot lately and was wondering what you guys use on and what works for you - paper, paint, markers, ect. Tommy Phillips Noble Street Tattoo
  2. The would with the lady hat face is genius!
  3. Artist Tommy Phillips - Epic 13 Tattoo - Texas I am new on this forum. I am having a hard time getting the pic to post. Sorry
  4. Sorry if that was offensive.... the person just tortures me and that was the best way that relatively describes her...
  5. I have been tattooing since 2011, so I am a newbie at it... I work at Epic 13 Tattoo in Texas. I also have a full time job as a graphic designer. I am hoping one day Tattooing will allow me to quit my day job because my boss is a bull dike bitch! I worked there for 18 years and hate it. I do what I have to do to provide for my family. I also worked as a horror comic artist. My newest book is Daylight to Midnight published by Arcana Comics. I love tattooing. The guys at the shop I work at are like brothers to me. My apprenticeship was hard but I made it through woohoo!!!
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