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  1. Horitomo cat from a few months ago ... sorry for the dark picture
  2. After 1st session with Horitomo. Back was much easier than I thought/ heard, of course we haven't hit the problem areas yet...
  3. Fudo Myoo


    Ha ha, I do the same thing. I love staring at all of his drawings on the wall when getting tattooed. Every time I go back to get work done and see his new drawings I always think to myself "holy shit I want that!"
  4. Fudo Myoo


    Just after lining.
  5. Fudo Myoo


    Fudo in progress - Horitomo
  6. Fudo Myoo


    Thanks for the welcome. Yes, Northern VA...Fairfax to be exact. As for the suit, I still have a long way to go. Just got the line work and some shading done on the back and arms. Here is a small one on my foot. Sorry, I don't think the picture worked.
  7. Fudo Myoo


    New guy from NOVA, currently working on a Japanese body suit by Horitomo of State of Grace.
  8. Fudo Myoo

    Book thread

    Just read 47 Ronin (based on movie) on the plane to get tattooed by Horitomo. I don't usually read books based on movies but picked it up at the airport bookstore because of the subject matter - characters in the book include samurai, tengu, fudo, kitsune, tennyo, and other yokai subject matter. It actually hyped me up to get my tattoo.
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