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i want allll you skinheads to get up on your feet!

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put your braces together and your boots on your feet!

and give me some of that oooooollld mooooon stompin'!


very stoked about tonight. can't wait to cut a rug!

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Did you enjoy the show? I heard people from all over the West Coast and even from middle America were out for it!

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yea it was pretty crazy! lots of folks from LA and lots of friends i haven't seen in a good while. i think this show and the Chicago one were the only two he's playing here in the States. he said this was his third time in the country which i thought was kind of interesting considering how long he/symarip has been around.

he did the splits 3 times, and had trouble getting back up all three times, but managed to do so on his own. i feared for his life every time haha. he also made the band "rewind" after they would start playing so he could talk, which was cool and not cool at the same time. personally, the show wasn't phenomenal (Desmond Dekker was phenomenal) though all my friends disagree with me. all in all though, it was good and i'm glad i went.

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I missed the Chicago one. I did catch Desmond Dekker's last show( before he passed) here though. It was pretty Awesome!

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