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this week has been a weird one




and this weekend will be busy as hell. so far this week:

- witnessed a meltdown at a curatorial committee meeting

- was rear ended on my way to work (both me and my car are ok, i'll end up with a free, brand new rear axel and bumper)

- overheard another meeting where i was suggested to be THE curator for the bod mod exhibit (we'll see what happens)

- being brought on a non-work related secret project with someone who i admire

- feeling exhausted still from my trip, school, and life in general.

then this weekend:

-homework and pre-party tonight

-sacramento to walk and remember Ques (RIP big bro), then volunteer for days of the dead at work (more death), then homework

- sfo tattoo convention with the Kerseys and then homework in the evening.

come monday, i'm going to fall asleep in my class.



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