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on the hunt for a cute dress




alright, alright, i know i might get some slack for this, but at this point i'm feeling kind of desperate.

so ladies (or men who are knowledgeable on women's fashion), have any suggestions on where to find a cute dress?

nye is the 2 year dating anniversary (yes, we're 16) for Jackson and i. i know it's not a huge deal, but it's an excuse for us to celebrate, go on an actual date (we have really different schedules, so our dates tend to be cuddling and watching a movie at 10pm), and enjoy some quality time together. i'm hoping to find something with a retro flare, under $75, and something that i'll want to wear again. so far, all of the choices i've made have either not fit me, or the site(s) i've found the dress on did not have my size in stock.

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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Is it weird that their are more dudes posting here than ladies? Anywho, Patrick you and your lady do some cool blogs. I check yours regularly since you first told us about it on LST and have told others about it. Now your ladies I will have to share as well.

My homie in New York lady own this shoe company: http://cri-de-coeur.com/tag/moo-shoes/ that is right up your alley I believe?!? Not a dress but shoes and I know girls tend to love their shoes and most guys like ladies that wear awesome shoes as well.

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thanks for the link Lochlan! i'm not sure that i can afford any of the shoes on there, but yes, i am interested in vegan heels. i wish my boyfriend was into me wearing shoes, but alas, he doesn't care. last year i wore 4 inch heels that gave me huge blisters on the bottom of my feet (thanks to also wearing tights) thinking it might be eye candy for him, but it was the least of his concerns. i NEVER wear heels. even to work, i wear Vans. i don't usually dress very feminine, so nights like these are an excuse to get to. Jackson would be more excited about me wearing camo pants with saucony's, and a Candiria tshirt than he would about me going to dinner wearing heels, stockings, and a dress. at this point, i'm dressing up for me.

and thanks Patrick for showing me your girl's blog! it's really nice and i may take you up on emailing her.

Gia and hambone, thanks for the suggestion! i've been to modcloth a few times, but most of the dresses there i like are sold out right now :(

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