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Tattoo Trends of 2010

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The Top 3 Tattoo Trends for 2010

The popularity of the hit tv show Sons of Anarchy and wider acceptance of tattoos by society in general means 2010 has been a killer year for tattoos. If you’re considering getting a tattoo, consider these trends as inspiration.

1.Tattoo Trend: Tattoos with Writing.

Some of the hottest searches on Google right now are for “tattoo lyrics,” “tattoo fonts,” and “tattoo quotes.” People ink an inspirational sayings or even an entire poem on their body. Sometimes the messages are in honor of a person, such as a tribute to a loved one who died, or a passage from a book.

This type of tattoo takes a lot of planning because you not only have the words, but the design of the words (the layout) and the font the words are written in. Each detail is an expression of who you are and what you want to say.

Just be sure to choose hand drawn letters, don’t trace someone else’s. In the words of one tattoo artist, “hand drawn letters have much more soul in them than any traced letters will ever have.”

Here is an example of a tattoo with writing from UrbanInk:


2. Tattoo Trend: owls

Owls have been growing in popularity as an option for tribal tattoos because of their meaning. The symbol of the owl represents wisdom and owls are birds of the night (therefore they’re associated with the mystical). Many cultures around the world place spiritual significance to the owl.

Women and men put owls behind their ears or on their ribs. Men put them on their forearms or arms.

Here is a great owl tattoo from Kyle Crowell:


Here is another owl tattoo on the forearms by Myles Skarr:


3. Tattoo Trend: trees

Whether it’s a Celtic tree, a tree of life, or a Japanese tree, trees have long been a part of myths and lore. Trees are powerful symbols of regeneration and rejuvenation. Some are influenced by Pagan traditions, others by cultures. They can symbolize the cycle of life and nature lovers usually dig them.

Don’t get stuck in the same old look though. Some tree tattoos (like tattoo of cherry tree and blossoms done by Scott Sylvia on Violet Blue) with limbs and flowers that cover the entire body are both feminine and sexy.


Here is a tree tattoo with personal meaning that is on one of our members, Ahzz :


What design are you thinking of getting right now?

Check out Last Sparrow Tattoo’s online tattoo gallery for ideas and comments or tell us what you think below.

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