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Rib tattoo, not sure if heavily bruised or blowout.


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Hey! New here but not new to tattoos. I've never bruised after a tattoo but most of my tats are on non sensitive areas of my body like my arms and thighs. I got a sternum/rib tattoo and seriously the MOST painful tattoo I've had. I don't know if the artist was heavy-handed, if it was the nature of the type of tattoo I got (super thick lined ornamental piece), or if my skin is sensitive but I am still SO SORE. I feel like I got punched in the gut.

Anyways, I got this tattoo 6 days ago. I am not sure if my lines are experiencing blowout or if I have some serious bruising happening. Some of the hazy bruise-like shading I have around it hasn't changed much but here it is now. 

What do you guys think? I know 6 days is pretty early to tell but does it look like blowout to you? First pic is what it looks like today and second pic with all the redness is the day after I got it done. 



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15 hours ago, loorop01 said:

😭😭😭 damn. Not looking forward to looking like I've been punched in the gut my whole life.

Yes, it sucks, but there's nothing you can do about blowouts. If you get enough tattoos, in enough places, everyone's going to have one sooner or later.

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I was freaking out when I first saw all the bruising and thought it was all blowout but actually now that it's calmed down a bit it doesn't look nearly as bad as it did in those pictures. I do have blowout, but an amount I can live with and not one that looks like a permanent bruise, yay!

This was a lesson, though, in maaaaybe not getting a spontaneous tattoo in a sensitive place in a foreign country 😬😬

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