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Hi, I'm Jess, I live in London.

I have a little black Patterdale and I ride my bike everywhere.

I got my first tattoo at seventeen, then none for ten years, and now have got two in three months, with more in the works.

Nice to meet you!

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Thanks you guys! My foot rose hurt a lot, the dude kept wiping it super super hard with like rough kitchen towel. A Patterdale is a little dog, they are small, but kind of badasses. I am happy to be here, I have been reading for ages.

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My most recent tattoo was in San Francisco at Black and Blue Tattoo, my one before that was at Diamond Jack's in Soho, the next one will hopefully be at Frith St. Is it wrong that I want Miles to do it because he is left handed? I am saving up at the moment and planning. Measure twice cut once is what I say.

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    • Thanks!  Loving it and stoked to finish it up... Will be really cool to nail down the color scheme as we finish it.  Could go pure traditional (black, gray, red, yellow) or change it up a bit...  I saw a traditional eagle the other day done in all monochrome black/gray/blue shades... not as traditional but super cool.
    • I had this tattoo done 2 years ago it is raised ,shiny and wrinkley this isnt normal and it really annoys me and looks totally wrong...  I have seen others with the same thing . Also if I was to get it removed will it be impossible  ?  
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