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I think it's good practice and amusing, I'm trying to master drawing richard stell from my head, but haven't mastered it yet (keep making him too skinny)

here are 2, I never look at stuff, just try to get the gestures and feel from memory I dunno why 2nd one is sideways, tried to fix it

anyone else have any?

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Thanks for posting more. I really like the second one in from the left above with the words and drawing combination.

Hey how was the Chris Conn seminar at the SFO Convention? Scott and Juan both said they really enjoyed the trial run before the actual one so would love to hear more?

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I dont know if this thread is cute or just plainly gay ;)

I just mixed some inks. Got some in my pants. Will you wipe it? Slooooowwweeeerrrr....

I just said cute, does that make me gay?

What do you guys think of Shawn Barbers stuff? Do you know the people he has painted and how do they feel about it? Are they weirded out?

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