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Boston Tattoo Convention 2012

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Rather than make a new thread, I figured I'd bump this one and ask if anyone's going this August (the 29th to the 31st). Since I am new to all this, I see quite a few artists I've heard of & like and a bunch more who I'm unfamiliar with.

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I'm curious but I haven't heard many good things. But if you get tattooed by aaron coleman, jay cavna, etc it would be worth dealing with some of the sideshow/carnival aspects.

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That's pretty steep, but I might still go on the Sunday. I've never been to a convention before and figured it might be worth it if I could pick up a print from someone. Didn't plan well enough to allow for getting tattooed; I just hope Mr. Coleman is back next year.

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I went on saturday around noon. Only spent about 90 minutes walking around. The main room with the stage, microphone, and speakers was very loud. Recognized very few of the artists' names but chatted with the ones I was familar with and ended up enjoying it.

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