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If anyone has any tattoo related books they don't use or look at anymore, I'm looking to further my collection. Let me know what you got!

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I've got a sealed sailor jerry flash vol 2... Totally brand new.

Hey I have cash waiting for this could you shoot me an email please also very very very interested in the Grimshaw cash waiting

Kind regards


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tattoo'd with attitude


flash from the past

life and times of philadelphia eddy 1 and 2

mike giant americana tattoo volume 1

quite a few tattoo sketchbooks

i have an old scholastic newsletter mini magazine thing from 1994 thats all about tattoos that i got in elementary school haha its prob my fave thing just because i accidentally kept it as a kid.

- - - Updated - - -

i just got reinventing the tattoo second edition with the dvd on ebay for $50 but im not letting that go just yet haha. im still high on the deal i got.

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    • Thank you for this reply it related to me alot.  Your right i rushed into the tattoo beforehand anyway. I dont even like tattoos, and really wasnt in the right state of mind but someone said get one.. 2 days later I did. The night before i got it i was drawing up designs and thinking but me and my mum never had a great relationship and my mind was frazzled so i went with text as couldnt think of design/quote or something. Was even asking people for ideas. So I agree it doesn't do justice thats probably one of the reasons I hate it. Now thinking about her hobbies hairdressing and we had a dog which was a British bulldog but wouldnt want that on my arm tbh. I too am in a tattoo rut i absolutely hate it and Like you long sleeves do look like summers choice.  Regarding laser treatment, when did you get this done? what are the results? and did you have any colour? Thanks for your reply
    • @Ciel How have you care for your other tattoos? Agree with @Howie - talk to you artist. IMO, no to antibacterial ointment AND coconut oil on a fresh tattoo with a re-wrap. Your tattoo needs to heal and breathe. Tegaderm is fantastic for this type is scenario!
    • Session number seven rolled around this Saturday. @bongsau You were definitely right, "in for a whooping" to say the least. Only made it through 2 and a half hours, but still managed to tear up an insane amount of skin. It's sessions like this that definitely teach you about your body and ability to tolerate pain. Felt pretty discouraged immediately after the session, but I'm still stoked on the level of progress. Can't wait to see the patterning brighten up as the blue settles over top. 28.5 hours here.
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