My first tattoo idea and I need lots of help!!

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I have always had a passion for traveling and I find myself constantly on the move! I have had an idea for a while about what I want for my first tattoo, but it involves getting it done in many different countries around the world. I would like to get the word "wanderlust" tattooed on the inside of my bicep, but have each letter of the word tattooed in a different country. My fear is that with many different artists doing a separate letter that it will turn out wonky. Another concern is that with different artists using different tattooing equipment...will it look weird? Will the ink fade at different times?

I need loads of help!

Thanks everyone!

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So, to start, your tattoo is going to cost you, probably, like $1000, for one lousy word! Most decent shops have a minimum charge for tattoos, in the places I've sen in major cities, it typically runs about a hundred bux an hour. You will get charged that regardless, one letter or the entire dictionary.

Add that to the drawbacks you list above, maybe think about getting "wanderlust" tattooed on you in whatever language you find the locals speaking...English, German, French, Liverpudlian, whatever. Pick a spot, maybe on the legs, since they motte you everywhere you travel, and make a band of the words?

Just an idle thought.

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Welcome to the board. I like the sentiment behind the tattoo, and I think you have some valid concerns about it, and I'd suggest that you rethink the idea and maybe instead of getting ten letters individually done on your travels, when not get ten tattoos instead? Kind of like how when you look at old pictures of sailors and their tattoos and how there's a story there if you know how to read them. There are so many great tattooers all around the world you could end up with a really amazing collection that will remind you of the places you've been and the things you've experienced there.

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