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Frank Lee RIP

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I didn't see any posts about this, and hope this is the right place for this.
I just heard of the accident that took Frank Lee away from us, entirely too early.
for those of you who don't know the name- He is one of the biggest pioneers in the "new school" style, and was way ahead of his time by the early 90's and a great inspiration in my tattooing career and many others I've met and know.
He also made great sets of original flash designs, and was one of the only artists ever to have his flash hanging at just about any studio worldwide and was for many years a "best seller" sets.

Such a great artist, and a huge part of the evolution of tattoos during the big wave that turned this industry on it's head and made it to what it is today.

R.I.P my friend Edited by Infernum
adding video interview

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Yeah, motorcycle crash here in my hometown. I'm helping out at work (I work at the newspaper), giving them the larger picture of who Frank was and what an impact he had on the larger tattoo community.

The police have not yet released his name ... And I'm not sure our reporter was able to reach Franks family yet.

I'll post a link here when/if we have a larger article about this.

Huge loss.

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They had a huge memorial gathering last night at a Fort Lauderdale bar. Lots of folks flew in. I didn't go, as I never met Frank, but from what my friends say it was packed. You can check out people's photos and memories of Frank on Instagram. Check out the hashtags #franklee and #ripfranklee.

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