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Coppertone Tattoo Guard (sunscreen)

Mike Panic

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I have sensitive skin so I generally try to gravitate to something more mild. Also note that baby sunscreen generally is pretty mild with more natural ingredients and have high SPF ratings that block out UVA and UVB rays. I've done a bunch of personal research and there's concern among many circles (not just tattoo collectors) that certain chemicals in high SPF sunscreen may affect hormones after long term use.

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I stopped by the local Bed Bath and Beyond yesterday while running errands. Saw the Coppertone Tattoo sunscreen and compared it to several different labeled sunscreens in the Coppertone line. Pretty much the same active ingredients at the same percentages. Just marketing and packaging changes.

I bought some of the Coppertone tattoo blend and did a little research on it.

it is similar in chemical makeup to Coppertone "sensitive skin/faces" SPF50 sunscreen,it has Zinc Oxide,and it has no Oxybenzone,which makes it a little different & better for tattooed skin than most sunscreens.



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