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As of late I've been on a real kick checking out handcrafted stuff. I've been digging men's jewelry a lot lately and been interested in purchasing some quality rings. Ive emailed bailey Robinson already and a real fan of his work, but he only makes em as he goes and no custom orders. I just found a site called (also on Instagram) and will possibly buy from then soon.

Do you guys have any recommendations for nice handcrafted things like money clips, wallets, rings etc?

Or even other various handcrafted items like deerjerk on instagram does

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I would say Etsy mainly, I know my sisters make a bunch of handmade stuff and they use Etsy. Also I would check out your local flea markets, etc. I know my sisters also work the Brooklyn Flea, and similar craft shows. My $0.02

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i recently saw that bailey hunter robinson posted some jewelry related stuff...this is a for women but i think i saw some men stuff as well

.@baileyhrobinson | Woman's arrow ring sz 6 & 7 available soon.... Please Email me if interes... | Webstagram - the best Instagram viewer

.@baileyhrobinson (Bailey Hunter Robinson) 's Instagram photos | Webstagram - the best Instagram viewer

btw how can i embed pictures from instagram/webstagram?

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