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Hi - im new here, but i figured as i was going to make this thread there wasnt much point in making another to introduce myself. Im 18, and just moved to a new country (huge change in my short life) and away from my parents, who have been my biggest supporters in everything ive ever done, and have always been there for me, so i thought i might get a tattoo to remember them. As i said in the title this will be my first real tattoo, i was pretty stupid and got a tattoo from a homemade gun a while ago, came out terribly but ill get it fixed eventually (i know, im an idiot, try not to make fun of me for that) anyway this is a really rough sketch i did, im absolutely un-artistic, so dont laugh, its just a basic idea.

I want the ying yang part because my parents are polar opposits, but they work so well together, and 20+ years on i think they're still in love. The koi fish was just a way to represent each of them, one fish is going to be a more masculine blue, while the other is a more femanine orange or something along those lines. Hopefully ill find a good artist to take my idea and make an amazing peice of art out of it, and make it into a half sleeve.

So what do you think? Good idea, bad idea? Think it will make a good tattoo? Thanks for your opinions.


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Welcome to our tattoo forum! I as well am not that familiar with distances but the three artist out that way that I have been really impressed with are:

Ross Nagle

Stewart Robson- who's blog I was recently checking out and blown away by his Japanese Style Tattoos!!

and as mentioned Valerie Vargas.

You also have these upcoming tattoo conventions out your way which lots of tattooers from all over will be at:

4th Brighton Tattoo Convention January 29th and 30th, 2011


Milano Tattoo Convention 2011 if you can and want to do some traveling for your tattoos.

Hope this helps???????

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Welcome, OutOfIdeas! How great is it that you're going straight from a homemade tattoo to recommendations for some of the best tattooers in the world? This is why I love LST. If you stick with Tammy and Lochlan's suggestions, you couldn't possibly go wrong.

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