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New. Looking for some feedback!


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In the past year I've started drawing my own tattoo flash. I joined in hopes of getting some constructive criticism. I'm currently using pigment liners and Prismacolor markers, although I'm wanting to get into watercolors. I've attached some of my work in this thread. You can also see more on my Instagram account @anvilandanchor.








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Welcome to LST. I like your artwork. I only saw one thing that threw me off. In your picture of the boat, your main mast does not reach all the way down to the boat. Also, I don't see any masts for your 2 rear sails either. Other than that though, well done and nice to have you around. This really is a great forum.

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Welcome to LST! Solid designs, they're coming along nicely. I like how you showed the process from sketch to finish with the queen.

If I may make a couple of suggestions..

Don't be so afraid of the black! It looks GREAT in that owl and the dagger. Black really adds a lot of dimension and depth to a design and it serves as an anchor for the color to pop through. I'm noticing very prudent use of grey in the nautical sheet and in the woman's face and I think if you darkened all of it up, it would look even better. Also, feel free to leave some negative space in the woman's face as well. I've seen people use a solid coat of flesh tone in lady heads and more often than not when it's tattooed, it ends up looking like the lady has a horrible sunburn.

But yeah, hope you enjoy the community and keep sharing your paintings with us!

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Yeah I have my chest done, most of my arms, a belly buster and a few on my legs.- - - Updated - - -

Thank you. I'm somewhat timid on using a lot of black because with my Prismacolor grey set you need to have a decent amount of space to make it from black to 10% grey, that's why I'm interested in starting to use watercolors so I can get that nice gradient from solid black.

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