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Hey everyone!


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My name is Ashleigh. I'm 28 years old, a Philly girl, and I have three tattoos so far.

Tattoo #1- I got this when I was 18. It's a Celtic cross and the words "croi croga" (brave heart) on my lower back. I really love the design but hate the placement. After 10 years, I wish I hadn't gotten it in such a common place (and one associated with "that type of girl"- which I am not!). I'm hoping to get some advice here on what to do with this so I can be more proud/accepting of this one.

Tattoo #2- a triskele (a sun symbol from the Book of Kells) on my left shoulder. I actually got this while on a trip to Ireland.

Tattoo #3- the compass rose on my left foot, and by far my favorite ink so far.

I'm planning to get an intricate feather tattoo on my right side (ribcage area) next.

Anyway, so glad to meet you all and hopefully I can get some ideas and advice on this forum!

:D -Ashleigh

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Welcome to the forums!

There is no need to be ashamed of your tattoo. We've got all kinds of folks with tattoos in all kinds of places, and I don't think most of them care about trends or generalized stigmas.

BUT, this a totally awesome opportunity to expand/cover that puppy into/with a back piece :). Just my .02. There are some great folks who can direct you to a tattooer who can see the tattoo in person and give you the best advice.

In the mean time, like iowagirl said, we'd love to see what you have!

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Hi @InkedAshleigh, tattoos in general once meant you were "that kind of girl" to some people but screw all of that. That seems like a great place for a tattoo to me. Which spots aren't common? I have tattoos on my arms, upper back/shoulder, one on my stomach. All the spots are common. Don't regret that placement, life is short. Somebody came up with that stupid name and it caught on because it rhymed. People are dumb.

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