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How much is to much,


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How much is to much for bringing in pictures to make one tattoo? I ask since I don't, and my family doesn't have a picture of my fathers favorite car he used to own. I'm going to have it tattooed on my arm, I've found about 5 different pictures that pieced together in a drawing, that should make it close to what the car looked like.

Reason it's harder is it was a custom classic car my father fixed up. It was a 1967 Pontiac bonneville convertible, had fins on the rear, custom paint job, and it was his "baby".

To compliment the tattoo on the top of the arm, I'm trying to find and think of a classic pin up girl. (By arm I mean closest to my wrists)

Thoughts accepted and more,

Thanks everyone,


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There are alot of gearheads that do tattoos. I would bring in all your examples and discuss it with the artist. This is permanent so your artist should be willing to take the time to go over all of the details before starting.

Agreed, and between Bing images and Google images you should be able to come up a picture or two that's nearly identical.

Nowadays nearly every make and model of car has its own dedicated forum, these are great for sourcing pictures.

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    • ... and xanax is on hand. Lol. My tattoo artist says I'm waaaaaaaay in my head. To the extremes.  It's strange. I feel fine with forearm tattoos tho. I do feel the couple I added yesterday helped a little, but I never wanted a "big" tattoo and it's just very jarring. Anxiety is a bitch. I wish I was more like...who gives a shit. All my tattoos have "zen" images and meanings, meanwhile I'm the furthest thing from zen there is. Lol. I guess I compare and question my design and need to get out of my head. My best friend is getting her tattoo from my guy BECAUSE of this tattoo of mine. And she has a gift certificate to somewhere else,  BUT she's going to him because of my tattoo. So, that says something. Says I need to shut up take a xanax and rock the damn tattoo. Lol.
    • Lol...no sleeves for me, that would send me straight to the grave. Lol. Thanks for your reply. I gotta get thru it and own it. I just got 2 new ones yesterday and it sorta brought it all together, but I still nit pick thos one apart. And I shouldn't but I do. I may have it wrapped around or something. Anxiety is the worst. Seriously awful. Wish my brain was care free
    • Anxiety sucks. What to do? Make it into a sleeve? Add tattoos around it? Make it part of a scene? I can relate to anxiety, but thankfully I never had tattoo regret. I’m in the last stages of a body suit, so if I did get it, I’d probably need a carload of Xanax. 
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