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Hi Everyone!


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Hi all,

Long time lurker here, thought I would join up and make myself known :D

Seen some very impressive tattoos on here along with some good advice, so excited to become part of the community.

I'm currently sporting tattoos from:

  • Phatt German
  • Gre Hale
  • Kerry-Anne Richardson
  • Lewis Mckenchie

I will try and post up some photos

Thanks for reading, nice to meet you


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Sorted list out, hopefully :S Lesson 1: Preview post
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Hey so, massive amount of interest on my (admittedly poor) introductory post. Thanks for the saving Grace @SStu :D

So everyone here likes pictures of tattoos right? Thought i'd show off a few of mine, feel free to criticise/applaud/congratulate/ignore as you see fit:

-Gre Hale (Rain City):



- Lewis Mckenchie (Den Of Iniquity):


- Kerry-Anne Richardson (Cock-A-Snook)


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Thank you everyone for the kind words :cool:. I am more than happy with all my tattoos, I feel like I am at the beginning of my journey compared to most people here but I love everything I have and I'm keen to get more!

@Graeme Kerry-Anne is awesome, and a lovely person to boot. I would definitely recommend visiting Cock-A-Snook, amazing artists and a funky shop :D

I also have work from Phatt German @ No Regrets Cheltenham, my first tattoo(s) on my stomach, can't get a decent picture for the life of me though. Next up is Gre doing more work on my sleeve on October 25th, once that is complete I'm hoping to get work from Sneaky Mitch Allenden and Miss Jo Black.

Also in the pipeline, and mostly inspired from the thread on this forum, is a shoulders to hamstrings back piece, which is super exciting/nerve wracking.

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