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  1. Second session on ribs: two and a half hours, much much more pleasant than the first session! Probably due to being more shading and colour than lining. I felt like I started to get in the zone a bit more and enjoy the experience which is something I have never felt during any my other tattoos. Could have sat for longer. :) Healing is a right pain though, incredibly itchy as I type this, about to go on lunch and clean it and whack some goo on.
  2. Thank you buddy!! Yeah we spent quite a while debating whether to go with the massed dot approach, but I was a fan of the negative space. It needed something in the bigger gaps though and Gre came up with this. I think it's worked! - - - Updated - - - I say go for it, he's a master at what he does, and the shop is worth a trip :) [/bias]
  3. Finished the majority of my sleeve with Gre Hale at Rain City, Manchester, UK. Extremely happy with it, Gre is an awesome bloke, and the shop is great; packed to the brim with talented artists and character. What do you guys think? Just the 'pinchy' inner bicep to go.
  4. It's personally not something i'd get. Seems a bit basic? I'm just trying to give you some friendly advice and point you in the right direction. If you like this design, get it tattooed, and like the resulting tattoo; who am I to say any different? What's the artist's name?
  5. ReDile

    New guy

    Do you have an artist in mind? This is the most important, let us know where you are based and i'm sure we can help you out. There are plenty who would do an awesome job with that concept!
  6. @Michael J Goldman Welcome! Who did you choose? Look up some of the shops / artists mentioned on here. You say you spoke to someone at NYA? Take a look at the artwork shown on here and compare it to that design, i'll leave you to your own conclusions.
  7. Woo I can contribute to this one! I too want a baphomet devil goat tattoo at some point... Meet my Bicep Devil, done by Gre Hale, Rain City, Manchester, UK:
  8. Welcom Ante, We are like crack addicts for tattoo photos here ^^ :)
  9. A well written, well thought out and professional response from none other than Tim Hendricks: In Response… « Tim Hendricks I can't help but think that the author of the original piece would be the exact type of person to attempt to crucify the guys at NYA had they tattooed the neck of her (hypothetical) un-tattooed 18 year old daughter... However it has everyone talking about it, so I guess she has achieved her goal :(
  10. Thanks @purplelace, more than worth the pain! I know it won't be everyone's cup of tea but I think Scott Owens illustrative style, and the 'old school circus' vibe mesh perfectly :)
  11. Started on my ribs yesterday. Got the lining in. Possibly the most painful thing I've experienced, however i'm very happy with the result :) Bring on the shading and colour :mad: By Scott Owen, Seven Swords, Cheltenham, UK.
  12. I sat for two and a bit hours on the ribs yesterday. Absolute agony. Felt like my nipples were being sliced off with a scalpel at one point! *Disclaimer* I'm an absolute wetty when it comes to pain... - - - Updated - - - I sat for two and a bit hours on the ribs yesterday. Absolute agony. Felt like my nipples were being sliced off with a scalpel at one point! *Disclaimer* I'm an absolute wetty when it comes to pain...
  13. I have an appointment, but yeah it's just coincidence! Maybe I'll get him to stick a 13 in there somewhere...
  14. Scars look gnarly, wear it with pride! If you insist on a tattoo, I would cover it rather than incorporate it, any 'novelty factor' a funny tattoo will have will wear off and you will be left disappointed... So yeah, choose one of these and go to town: Panther/Skull/Lady Head/Panther Skull Eating A Lady's Head How did you get the scar, did I miss that part?
  15. This should just be the forum standard answer to any and all "what should I get?" questions! Just out of interest, anyone have a dragon / lion battle royale?
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