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Hello world of LST. I found this blog thanks to one of my co-workers who was telling me about it one day and also to Instagram after I saw Nick Colella post a screen shot of the recent Scott Sylvia interview (which by the way if you have yet to see it is absolutely incredible and opens your mind to the way a real professional thinks regarding this industry).

I'm from Richmond, VA. and have lived here my entire life. I'm currently a front counter assistant for the shop I work for (Heroes and Ghosts Tattoo - Heroes and Ghosts | Just another WordPress site) and have been here since April of this year.

Growing up in this city has thus far been awesome and especially since I have gotten into tattoos/tattooing. There's such a heap of knowledge and talent around this city that it's great to be able to call it my hometown. However there is also a vast majority of turd tattooers and scratchers, but I guess that's life and every place has those so I can't complain about that too much.

I'm in a couple of bands (In Courage - incourageva.bandcamp.com : New Solution - newsolution.bandcamp.com/) and have been playing drums since I was in the 6th grade (1999). I love doing so, playing shows, touring, etc. It's just a hobby that I've grown up on that really taught me a ton about life and the world we live in. I recently bought a 1975 Honda CB360 motorcycle and that's becoming a great new-found hobby of mine to work on.

Tattooing became an interest of mine when I was probably 16 years old, getting my first tattoo the next year, and the love for the art and industry has blossomed since then.

I hope that I can learn and interact as much as possible through this Blog and I am very happy to be here now!

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Thank you! Where are you getting your work done at/by whom? So far everything I've seen around this site is great so I'm definitely stoked to find out more of what's to offer!

Mostly from Matt Brotka, but he has done moved onward to the left coast. But Rennie, Bruno, and those fellas at Hold It Down are in the works.

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