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Cheers from Denmark


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Hello to everyone!

Just wanted to let everbody know, that I joined the forum.

Like the title says, I'm currently living in Denmark, although I might be moving to Sweden some time next year. I'm currently working on getting an apprenticeship up there, and things aren't looking too bad at the moment. I'm a passionate tattoo enthusiast, who used to be a graphic designer 'til I got fed up with the whole cooporate minion life, so I quit and started working full time as an artist/illustrator.

Personally, I've never really used tattoo aesthetics in my work, but since a possible opportunity arose to get into the tattooing world arose a couple of weeks ago, I've tried it out. You can take a look at my feeble attempts further down in this post. Anyways, I wanna to study a whole lot of history, and since my favourite artist at the moment is Cap Coleman, I'm wondering if any of you could point me in the right direction? I've been searching for books about him, but can't seem to find much. Any hints would be greatly appreciated.





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Thanks, Johannes!

Since I'd be moving to a new country, I really have no prefferences as to where I'll be moving. I just want to learn the craft, so if that takes me to Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö or somewhere else, that's fine by me :-)

- - - Updated - - -

Most of my swedish friends are living in Stockholm though!

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Haha, sounds like a plan, @ChrisvK I've been to Gothenburg a couple of time to get tattooed at Göteborg Classic, and the city seems nice! Compared to Denmark, getting drunk in Sweden is damn expensive, though!

The area around goteborg classic is like a home away from my home away from home haha! Love that neighborhood. Yeah getting drunk in Denmark is allready expensive but Sweden is even more insane. Guess I'll have to bring some austrian beer up north next time

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