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Dustin from San Diego looking for an artist for lord of the rings leg sleeve

Dustin Starkey

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My name is Dustin and I currently live in San Deigo, CA. I currently have 9 tattoos and I am always trying to expand. I am starting to do research because I am looking to get a full leg sleeve. My goal is to find an artist that wants to do a full left leg sleeve from mid thigh to the foot. I would like to make it Lord Of The Ring themed. A volcano on my upper thigh (MT MORDOR), The eye of Saron on my knee, Nazguls, orcs, trolls, elves and others fighting down to the green rolling hills of the shire on my foot. Any suggestions or advice is greatly appreciated. I am hoping to have this completed before I leave the country in a year. Any suggestions of artist in the San Diego area that might be good at this is also appreciated. Thanks everyone.

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Welcome. I think that idea could be really cool if you found the right artist to do it. It makes me think of a Lord of the Rings sleeve that Rob Noseworthy up in Nanaimo BC did:


(I can't seem to get the image working from my phone so here's a link to the tattoo)

I don't know of anybody in San Diego who tattoos like that, but maybe somebody who has better knowledge of the area can chime in with some suggestions.

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