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Tattoo in Kassel, Germany


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I emailed Wendy Pham - hoping to get a reply but unlikely b/c she's probably booked.

Feel free to drop any names here - I'm willing to travel to Berlin or anywhere else in Germany to get an awesome tattoo.

Wendy is an elite tattooer,and is probably booked for a long time,but if you go to Berlin and visit her shop and get lucky,you may be able to get a small tattoo from her.But I wouldn't bet on that.

So here's some good tattooers closer to Kassel..

True Love Tattoo - Tätowierungen Düsseldorf



- - - Updated - - -

This shop is closer to Kassel...


Guil,Cigla,& Agrypa do nice realistic work.

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Wendy is quite approachable - but she travels a lot.

If you're into blackwork - Daniel is really good, too LEITBILD

solid b&g work, but it looks like he works in L.A. now

- - - Updated - - -

how the hell do u find these lowkey guys? thanks man, i'll look through everything

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