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Mixing Thai Mythology with Japanese clouds?


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@AuntTudie, go for it. Why not? Last week Valerie Vargas posted an image she did of a sleeve depicting the Goddess Athena. The background was black Japanese style cloud/wind background. The mix looked amazing! I see Tibetan skulls integrated with Japanese background often too. Jill Bonny actually did an entire bodysuit fusing Mexican subjects with a Japanese style. I'm pretty sure I've seen a couple of variations done too. Talk to your artist like @sighthound said and assuming they're a decent artist should be able to work it out.
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Horiyoshi III talked about a kind of pan Asian tattoo style coming out of Japanese style tattooing. I think some of the really good Taiwanese and Chinese artists fit the bill here.

People like East Tattoo use Taiwanese motifs unless specifically asked for Japanese.. but they've studied the Japanese (and European exponents of that style) closely, been tattooed by them etc. They borrowed a lot but it seems like they recognise that?

In the west someone doing really cool stuff with less common iconography is Marcus Kuhn. Saw a really cool Garuda chest piece he had up as being available to tattoo.

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