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Hello Paul and welcome to LST!

I recommend you to not make the design yourself or have anyone draw it for you. Instead, look at a lot of tattoos until you get a sense of what kind of styles you enjoy. I don't know where you are located but chances are there's at least a couple of tattoo shops close by. Go check those out, look at the artists portfolios and hopefully you'll find an artist that inspires you and who's work is good enough so that you will trust her/him to draw a tattoo based on your idea.

To get you started you can browse the blog where I post tattoos that inspires me:


I also whole heartedly recommend you to read at leas part of this thread:


The info and opinions inside will help you while looking at tattoos, to determine the "quality" for lack of a better word.

I always suggest people who are new to tattooing to get their first tattoos on a part of their body that's often covered by clothes. So you can chose when you want to show your tattoo and slowly get used to the thought of permanently changing the look of your body. Also, speaking from personal experience, if you keep getting tattooed your taste and ideas about tattoos will evolve a lot. Even if your first tattoo turns out to be super good, chances are that in a few years you'll be happy that you saved the more visible body parts for better work.

Long winded message, anyhow.

I wish you good luck and have fun getting your first tattoo(s)!

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No I know exactly what I want I have been looking at tattoos they I don't want what's in a book cause it is symbolic of my kids and heritage I just need someone who can draw it so I can give the tattoo artist a pic of what I'm looking for.

I collect All Steelers

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I think the piece you're missing is that you don't need to find anyone that can draw. You need to find the tattoo artist/shop you want to have do the piece and work with that person to draw it for you and ultimately tattoo it for you. It's what they do... The "someone" you find who can draw, might be great at drawing but will have no clue how to draw it to be tattooed. They wont know how it needs to flow or lend itself to the particular spot you want it tattooed on your body. So first, find the tattoo artist/shop...then go talk to them in person and they'll work it out with you.

Do you already have a shop in mind? If not, I'm sure someone can give you a few suggestions if you tell us where you're located. Good luck.

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Check out Sovereign Arms Tattoo and Wealthy Street tattoo if you wanna stay in town. If you get over to Ann Arbor that opens up a bunch more options for you.

edit: I just wanted to second @PizzaSteve in recommending Plowshare, Bettley is putting a rad ganesh sleeve on a friend of mine from high school and it looks great. I'm only really in MI for about a week per year anymore so sometimes good shops slip my mind.

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Sovereign Arms Tattoo is a great shop, just got a piece done yesterday by Gareth! Also check out Plowshare Studios in Cascade. Christopher Bettley does great fuckin work! There are a lot of shitty shops in GR so make sure you shop around and gauge your options!

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