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Hi fellow inked ones..


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I am Marcel, 38 from Hoofddorp, Netherlands (10 miles from Amsterdam). (sorry for my grammar as it's not my native language)

Was just looking around the net and came across this forum, did a quick look around and think I could spend some time here :)

Because of that it is nice to introduce myself so here goes..

I started with a little tribal on the shoulder when I was 17, couple of years later another bigger tribal covered up the small one..

At this point I didn't know there are good, better and master artists. A tattoo artist is a tattoo artist....How wrong could I be...

Started looking up different artists in my country and talking to other inked people where to go for the best work.

Couple of years went by without getting any new ink...But then my mother died, that is almost 5 years ago now which changed my mind to wait any longer.

I found a good artist in Amsterdam: Tycho Veldhoen

He was an apprentice from Holland's most known tattoo artist: Henk Schiffmacher and his wife at the time, now he's one of Hollands best.

Now I'm just 4 appointments away from a body suit...Which I'll post when I can use HTML otherwise there will be a huge number of posts in this thread.

Tnx for reading, any questions..?? Just ask :)

See you around..!!


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Weeeeh a fellow dutch person. wow that Tycho has some nice work. I dont know how I overlooked him. anyway, welkom op dit forum

Bedankt = Thanks :D

- - - Updated - - -

I like to follow Henk and Louise.


Nice to read he's also followed overseas, he's a character for sure ;)

I've just uploaded all the pics I could find to my personal gallery, a session with a good photographer is already planned when it's all done.

Time to browse the board..!

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