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Hi, my name is Becky, I am 31, and I have no tattoos. A couple of years ago I suddenly wanted one and I have been thinking about it ever since. I have finally settled on an idea for the design and came here to learn more about the best way to go about finding the artist to match my ideas.

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Welcome aboard. Usually, it is best to find an artist who has a style that you love and let them put their spin on your idea. A good way to find artists is through Instagram. Look up local artists and expand your search from there. Look at the artists that they follow, or are friends with, etc.

Also, where are you located? Maybe we can give you some artist references based on location.

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There are a bunch of good artists in BC! I am mostly into traditional tattooers, so if that's what you're looking for I can probably give you a few suggestions.

An easy way to get a general idea about a bunch of artists is to check out the ones attending the tattoo convention: Vancouver Tattoo and Culture Show | April 22-24 2016 | Vancouver BC

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Thanks. I will see who goes, but I dont think I can travel to Vancouver. It is about a 15 hr drive. I will most likely get it done in Edmonton. Unfortunately I dont think I am looking for something traditional. I want something that looks more like a pencil sketch.

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Welcome! @bongsau is from Edmonton, I believe, and he knows a thing or two about tattoos, so I'm sure he can point you in the direction of quality local shops and artists.

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Welcome! @bongsau is from Edmonton, I believe, and he knows a thing or two about tattoos, so I'm sure he can point you in the direction of quality local shops and artists.

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Welcome! @bongsau is from Edmonton, I believe, and he knows a thing or two about tattoos, so I'm sure he can point you in the direction of quality local shops and artists.

cheers thx Graeme

Hi Becky @Clementine

People ask me hey Budd where did ya get your tattoos done. I just say "Edmonton" haha. We have a lot of tattoo shops per capita which is a good and bad thing. In the sense that we have a lot of accessible good tattooers and saturated with what I consider just-average tattooers; it can be tricky to navigate as a newcomer.

Your first tattoo...the shop itself should as an important qualifier as the tattooers portfolio because we want you to have an awesome and memorable first experience.

Champion Tattoo *

This is Shawn Hedley's shop. He has been tattooing for a long time and is a 'tattooers tattooer'. He is superfriendly, has some great war stories and has a reputation for customer satisfaction. I'd like to get something from Shawn one of these days.

Teddy Kardos* has a few years of experience and is pretty good. Solid dude. He has been tattooed by a lot of wicked tattooers so he knows his stuff. I have the 2nd worst tattoo he's done lol.

Champion looks and feels like a tattoo shop should in my eyes. Walkins always available in all styles. I've been pointing people here lately cause I had such awesome experiences at the shop last year.

Showdown Tattoo & Skateboards

Dope shop in Chinatown.

Casper* works out of here that's who first came to mind for what you've described in your post. I've got some early colour work on my legs from Casper which is funny cause he runs the Blackworkers page and tattoos in black ink exclusively. This is your guy if you want that illustrative/black style. Ryan Buttar does some dope colour traditional and also seen some nice geometric/mandala/fillagree black tattoos. Andrew is a rad dude and does it all. Get Taz or Hot Stuff from him.

Doing Tattoo

This is Severino's shop. He does some incredible grafitti neo-japanese in a very unique big style.

OllieXXX* is my homie he's done about 25% of my tattoos. He does it all but really if you want the brightest god damn colours around and black that's blacker than blackity black. His tattoos are fast and furious but damn do they hold up. Kat may be also be a good choice if you want illustrative or portrait black n grey tattoo.

* I've been tattooed at the shop or by the person

Other decent shops:

Lucky Strike Tattoo*

Fountainhead Tattoo

Easy Tiger Tattoo - Spencer Evans new shop. Bunch of pals have small trad bangers from him and they like em.

Shades of Grey Tattoo* - cool spot on whyte, esp if you like geek stuff like star wars. Danny Gordey just started doing walkins on weekends here which is amazing opportunity to get a piece from one of the OG-best tattooists in town.

Kirk Shandro - i think he's at atomic dragon or something. nice young dude with a sick tattoo and flash collection. actually his simple black illustrative tattoos may be up your alley.

I know you've said black n grey...that's what i wanted and got for my first...and ended up with a big colourful background. and 10 years later a royGbiv bodysuit life is much fuller in colour. And don't be afraid to go much bigger than you planned ;) tattoos look better that way eh

It really depends what YOU want, I mean that's what tattooing is all about.

But here's a starting point. The rest of the work is you. Good luck ! and let us know how it turns out.

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