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I hate introductions but here goes... :)

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So yeah i'm not great at introductions but much better online than I am in person

my names Jo :)

i'm 22 and I got my 1st tattoo last november/december time

and my 2nd in January

1st Tattoo:

Just after it was finished -

All healed up -

it wraps a bit on both sides so it's hard to get a photo but you get the gist

2nd tattoo:

Just after it was finished:

mostly healed (video):

I'm hoping to get something done by Jef Small when I'm in Amsterdam in May and i'm currently emailing a local artist about having something done at the end of June.

Unreleated to tattoos i'm a "mature" student who's doing history at un, my dream job would be to open a cow sanctuary because cows are great but i'd also like to travel too.

I also really like pizza and most other animals except bees and moths they can fuck off.

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I love bees and moths.

And cows.

Bees and moths terrify me

like I will full on run to the other side of the country if I see one in my flat. They give me the heebie jeebies as my nan says.

Glad they have people that like them though :D every animals deserves to be loved and what not

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Lovely tattoo!

So nice to see if someone goes big for their first tattoo :)

Aww thank you, I was originally going to get a smaller piece but i took advantage of a cancellation appointment with Antony who's work i've admired for like 2/3 years now.

Told him I wanted a cat and some roses and I got that, it took two sittings overall to do. One for lines and black and the other for the colour but super happy with how it turned out.

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I've got so many ideas ahh

the back piece I want done is inspired by a scene in HP, but i want to finish off my arm before I move on anywhere and also my back is really sensitive (i used to flinch involuntairly when my ex would lightly tickle my back) so i'm kind of not looking forward to starting it but I want to.

In Amsterdam i've read they have a walk in day on a saturday where you just pick from flash they drew up that week so i'm just gonna bob in on the saturday i'm there and see if there's something I like.

I've got about 20 ideas atm but a lot of them I don't feel comfortable sharing till i've had them done and other's i'm not really sure on.

However I am planning on getting a tattoo of a laser gun, a tardis, lipstick/makeup, giraffe, my dog xena's face in a chakram bc she is a beautiful warrior princess and don't you tell me otherwise.

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    • Right! Especially when they go on and on about deeper meanings... people don't seem to realize that there don't HAVE to be these super deep meanings behind tattoos, haha!  I haven't posted my first tattoo anywhere yet, no! But here's a picture of it:  It's not even that special or anything. Frankly, in terms of technique and placement and the like, I like the second one more. But the whole geometric/ornamental generally does pretty well with people I've found. I think for most it's just the right amount of, say, elegance and coolness while not necessarily being too out there yet.  It's also two years old by now so the lines definitely aren't what they used to be LOL, and especially with how admittedly poorly I protect it from sun it could very much benefit from a touch-up but I do still like it.... especially for a first tattoo which I, for all intents and purposes, wasn't nearly informed enough on. People will always ask why the orca, and while there is a story behind this one I'm not about to tell any stranger that. "You see, it all started 15 years ago, when my father........"  😂 I just tell them it's my favorite animal, which isn't a lie, but even then they'll go on about "but why?"  Also, I'd have many a person ask what animal it is. I've heard whale, dolphin (not entirely wrong) and even shark. 😂😂 At least with your piece it's very clear what it is! Maybe that also has something to do with the whole getting people to comment on it... when it isn't entirely clear, people might be more predisposed to ask/comment.  At any rate, I would definitely not consider folks not commenting on your tattoo as proof of them not liking it. I really don't think it works that way! Your tattoo is awesome and you should be proud of it! 🙂 (That, and of course the placement of the tattoo does matter a lot too, haha). 
    • Thanks @Fig1996! honestly I think I’d probably hate if everyone in met asked me about or commented on it too! Haha grass is always greener I suppose! What was your first piece? Is it posted anywhere on here?
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