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Hello from Australia


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Hi LST members!

I've decided to sign up and make an account after spending a fair amount of time lurking the forum and watching all the LST interviews trying to learn as much as I can.

I got my first tattoo about 18 months ago and went from not knowing what I thought was good tattooing from bad to wanting to get a lot of tattoos from tattooers I respect and admire pretty quickly. I've gone and gotten about one a month, including a couple of bigger pieces, from tattooers across Australia.

I'm still relatively new to the tattoo world, but I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to be tattooed by some great people and tattooers, and I look forward to getting more and learning more about the craft and history of tattooing!



- - - Updated - - -

I love talking about my and other peoples tattoos with people who appreciate the work, so if you're interested, here are a few of my favourites that I've collected over the last year:








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Thanks mate, much appreciated.

I think I've been lucky to start off getting tattooed in the right places in my home city and to have a couple of tattooers point me in the right direction with who and what to look out for. All credit and thanks to the tattooers!

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Thanks for the kind words guys!

I live in Adelaide, but have travelled to Melbourne, Fremantle and Brisbane to get tattooed and it's been good to check out other shops. Right now I feel like there are so many good Australian and international tattooers I'd like to get work from, but so little skin. I've got an appointment tomorrow with Mitch Love to fill in a hannya and snake on my (other) ribs that he outlined last time he was in Adelaide. He comes down to work at Progression every few months or so, so I've been lucky with that.

Other than that I don't have anything booked, but I'm certainly thinking about when I can get tattooed by Matt Wisdom, Fergus Simms, Jess Swaffer, Stevie Edge and Capilli Tupou (who is from NZ but regularly works in Australia). One day I'd certainly like to get tattooed by Matt Cunnington who can only be called fucking amazing.

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Good stuff brotha! I really like those trad pieces. Australia has a lot of sick B&G artists i'd love to get work from. I can relate to catching the bug. I got my first piece started in December 15, and by January 17 I'm gonna have somewhere along the lines of 100 hours worth of work on me!

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