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Traditional Skull and Snake Flash

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I am trying to find the Skull with intertwined Snake tattoo that my Dad had. He passed away back in 1997 and I regret that I never really talked to him about it - although it gave me the inspiration to get my first this year. And, I have not been able to find any pictures of him where it shows. It was fairly large and on his left upper arm.

My Dad went into the Marines at the end of WWII - turned 18 in 1946. He finished Boot Camp and then was transferred into the Reserves so he returned home and was living with his parents - so I am guessing he did not get his tattoo then. When the Korean Conflict broke out, he was activated and was sent to southern California - and ultimately deployed to Korea - so my guess is that he got tattooed there somewhere in the vicinity of El Toro air base in the early 1950s. I assume he selected from a piece of flash - and I remember it to have been more greenish in color, although perhaps that was just the fading of the years and sun damage.

Can anyone steer me toward flash of that era or Southern California artists back then? I've done a bunch of Google searches but have had no luck so far.

This is him taken at Boot Camp in July 1946 - high shooter in his platoon. The picture was sent to our local newspaper where my Grandmother was a proof reader so she was able to keep the original. I have it hanging in my den in a case with a WWII M1 Garand like he is holding - I am also still looking for that rifle in his hands. I know the serial number and keep looking for it to turn up among the millions that survived the war.


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Maybe try getting in touch with The Tattoo Archive?  Chuck Eldridge has a wealth of knowledge about tattoo history so maybe he knows of who was tattooing around there at that time and can help you out.  Lucky's is another good bet.  Good luck with your search.

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