Tattoo Removal Aftercare questions

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I had had a tattoo removal done and 1 day after huge blisters started forming alongside tiny blisters. Read time and time again not to burst these blisters, but to let it pop themselves, so I went to work today and they sent me to the medical doctor and he immediately popped my blisters and cleaned it throughly before dressing it up.

Question.. will this affect the removal in anyway? i read that reasons not to pop the blisters is to protect the wound from becoming infected.. so since he popped it in a sterile environment and after that dressed it up.. is it ok? also i read to let the layered area have as much open air as possible, but i was told by the doctor to let the dressing stay and it would heal much faster. I am seriously at loss now.

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I have had laser removal by a couple of different people and currently from one of the most reputable in New York. In the care package I am always given sterilized lancing needles and told to pop blisters, let them drain and clean with hydrogen peroxide. Although they look a mess they heal up fine. 

Also I'm given bandages and told to wrap for half of the day and then uncover when i get home (I usually remove after work, clean and pat dry with a paper towel). The bandages last about 4-5 days so I leave uncovered after that. I have done this for about 6 large sessions with no issues.

So I wouldn't worry!

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