Just got my first tattoo!

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So today I got my first tattoo, I’m really happy and love it, what do you think?

any recommendations on after care? At the moment I’m taking the wrap of 3 times a day, washing it with antibacterial soap, putting some coco butter on it, then re-wrapping it. Il keep the wrap on for 3 days, this is what the tattooist suggested.

how long do you normally leave until you workout again? And how long should I leave before i can go in the ocean again?!




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Hey - nice tattoo. Who is your artist?

My two cents: first, don't rewrap are creating a breeding ground for nasty stuff to grow. Keep it clean (wash twice a day, three if you are sweaty/dirty) with antibacterial soap and keep it lightly moisturized. IMO, too soon for coca butter. Use something light like Lubriderm or Aveeno. Remember that you are caring for an open wound.

I start back after a couple of days. Always mindful that I have a fresh tattoo and minimize any rubbing/pressing/sweating for 14 days. 


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I am a fossil and just getting back into ink after many years. A lot has changed in the past 20 years.

These days my artist cleans you up and sends you home in a tegaderm patch with detailed instructions for aftercare. I leave the tegaderm on for 5-7 days depending on the size of the work. Then I carefully remove the tegaderm in a steamy shower. I carefully clean the area with an anti bacterial soap and then apply one of the following products.

1. Hustle Butter-Nice coconut smell and very good on large pieces.

2. Griffins Tattoo Salve- Sold at my local shop. A very fine wax like product. Non Greasy and will not stick to your clothing 20 minutes after application.

3. Ora's tattoo salve-Best I have tried to stop the itch...


Stay out of the sun and dont go in the water. Dont even think about cutting the grass in the heat while wearing a tegaderm patch....

Call me OCD. I keep my fresh ink well moisturized and clean for 30 days


Very Nice work. Take care of it and enjoy.

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Per the Tegaderm: I, too, use Tegaderm BUT in normal circumstances, put it on 8-12 hours after the tattoo has been applied. Only in extreme circumstances have I applied the Tegaderm immediately (i.e., nasty convention or weird travel circumstances). 

The net - keep it clean, lightly moisturized and don't submerge it. 

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