***FIRST TATTOO, is it a blowout????

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It’ll be a week tomorrow that I’ve had my first, & big tattoo.. Since then, I’ve been reading into tattoos lately, & I came across an article about tattoo “blow outs”; now, I’m concerned if mine had a few in certain areas.. I am now in the peeling & itching stage.. can someone please confirm if I had blow outs or not? (Pics uploaded)




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It looks like you have a very slight blow out in some areas. It looks good though! I wouldn't worry too much about it although you'll probably obsess over it. To my knowledge there is nothing you can do about it. I have a few tattoos that did that too. 

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if there is blowouts, relax, let it heal and don't worry about it now, there is nothing to do about any blowouts for now anyway.

blowouts can happen to anybody, anywhere on the body, by any artist.

in 3 months when it is fully healed, look at it again, enjoy it,

and then start  start planning your next even more amazing tattoo.

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