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Tattoo with circular outline


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One of my ideas for a tattoo involve the enso symbol.  It's basically a unclosed circle that looks like it was painted on with a paintbrush in one stroke.

Maybe it's just my eye but does it tend to look odd when a tattoo has a hard circular outline like that?  

Would it look better if it weren't an isolated tattoo and there were other tattoos around/near it?

Something about it just looks weird to me, I can't quite put my finger on it, maybe it's because this hard outline makes it look very separate?

I have a few ideas for tattoos I want so I'm not sure if putting another tattoo or two near that one will "fix" that or not or I'm just speaking stupid haha

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2 hours ago, Gingerninja said:

Lots of people have an Enso...the symbol is what it is which is kinda the point. If you want one, get it. Nothing to fix ust make sure that you have a good artist.

I do like what the enso represents but I also want it to look aesthetically pleasing and to go along with future tattoos I plan on getting

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