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Thigh Tattoo

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Hello! I have been searching the web for a couple days and can’t find something similar to my situation right now. I will admit first off I am pretty paranoid due to my anxiety, BUT I have never dealt with a tattoo healing this way and it’s scaring me it won’t heal correctly! I got my first thigh piece on the 5th so a little over a week ago.  I started seeing some redness on I’d say the third and was worried about it being infected even though it didn’t hurt or wasn’t warm to the touch. Even to now it doesn’t hurt or is warm to the touch. The red has faded quite a bit and was all over the place red in random spots and now it’s just pink in certain spots and has calmed down a lot BUT I’m now seeing it’s starting to get pink spots in places it wasn’t before?! WHAT?! I have done everything. I was washing it two-three times a day (2 for work days) and applied lotion each time. I have seen my artist about this and she said it could be just irritated from clothes rubbing on it (the first two days it did get rubbed on a lot) I do work at Ulta so I am on feet constantly and moving up and down and running around so maybe my clothes are causing it? I was using a tattoo goo kit but my artist recommended to switch back to antibacterial dial handsoap (I’ve always used this with no problems) because it shouldn’t be as abrasive and gave me hustle butter. I’m now seeing those new pink spots after using the hustle butter so could my skin not like the ingredients which hustle butter had similar ingredients to what my tattoo artist used to “oil” up the skin for the tattoo.  I’m really worried how it is healing ruined this piece as well and I know you usually can’t tell until it’s almost fully healed through it’s stages but it’s still worrying me. I’m trying to figure out everything and retrace to calm it down. Any advice is appreciated and I’m so sorry for how long this is and my ramblings. 


I will be attaching in order

1. When it was first done 

2. Where it was red and irritated (you can see barely irritation in the carrot tops) 

3. How it looks now (more mild pink irritation in the carrot tops as well as other places) 




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