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Faded after two months


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Hello everyone! Just had a question about a two month old, full color tattoo I have on my ankle. I was expecting fading over time, as it is full color, but this is a bit quick I think. I tried to follow healing instructions as closely as I could. Going for a touch up next month, but honestly scared that it will heal like this one did. Any advice on what to do next time or how this could've happened? First pic is from the day of, but i know it won't look that good again. Second pic is from today, after all peeling and initial aftercare and stuff.

Thanks a bunch. 



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3 hours ago, Sarrod♀️ said:

Maybe it’s just me because I’m a newbie but it doesn’t look faded just set in the skin now. The color is still very vibrant just looks like it has the healed layer of skin over it now. I was up so I wanted to answer I’m sure the vets will be better help tho. 

Thanks for your input! Definitely reassuring. I wasn't expecting the fading during healing really, maybe that's why its so alarming to me lol

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