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Hey! I'm new here, and it's nice to meet everyone!


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First things first, I recently got my first tattoo (just a bit over a month ago now!) and for the most part it's excellent! It came out almost exactly how I wanted it to in terms of the design and everything.

However, it seems that the blue (maybe it's because it was a light blue?) part of the tattoo was completely rejected by my skin. I took a picture of it, which I'll link to on imgur here; https://imgur.com/a/MpIUV05 as well as a day of picture here; https://imgur.com/a/ZdU39K9

I just want to see if anyone has any opinions on what may have happened, as I tried my best to take care of it as directed. I also find it strange that it seems like the skin is extra thin where the blue was, as I the redness behind where it was goes away if I hold my hand up a bit or if I press on it a bit. It's not itchy and it doesn't hurt at all, so those are all positives. 


Anyways, thanks for the warm welcome and I appreciate any advice you may have on this. 

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I am absolutely not an expert... but such a result (no colour remaining + a no less than irritated skin) suggests me that you probably should totally drop that colour and go for another one (hoping that it will work better: again, I'm not an expert, but I'm thinking about the fact that probably all the blue inks share some common component, and if that component turns out to be the one you've got problems with...).

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