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Henning Jorgensen Tattoo Artist Interview Video

Scott Sylvia

I first met Henning probably about 19 years ago when I was a young man just trying to find my place in tattooing. Henning at the time traveled a lot with Trevor Mcstay. Trevor is from Australia and an amazing tattooer who also needs to be interviewed. Why Henning and Trevor always stuck out to me wasn't because they were great tattooers, I was too young and dumb to realize what I was looking at, but that they were always so nice. This is a time when the older generations were not really all that happy with the new scourge of fresh tattooers. Sound familiar? Anyways not that Henning is old but he has me by 10 years and held all the respect from guys like Paul Jeffries, Jack Rudy, etc... So for him to acknowledge me let alone be nice was a little strange....

Fast forward 19 years...... now Henning is currently one of the best tattooers in the world with 30 some odd years of tattooing and still extremely relevant and current. Most would have found a comfortable niche and stayed in it though he is constantly working to better his craft and with that - himself in the process. I am not going to go on in some sort of ramble to try and sell this man because if you watch this video you will understand. I was just going to write, "Henning....get out of his way!", but I thought that could be misinterpreted.

We did the original interview in Long Beach and had some camera issues so we decided to redo it the next time we saw each other so the SFO Convention it was. I hope you enjoy and understand how great this man is to tattooing as I have been blessed to work with him and it is a real eye opener. I would like to thank Henning for sitting down with me not once but twice to do this.

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One of my favorite parts of the SFO convention is the few minutes I get to spend talking to Henning. He is such a gentleman and an enormous talent. I always walk away feeling really lucky and so happy.

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Fantastic, always treasure my time with Henning, a great man to look up to and so very fortunate to have crossed paths with him.

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I met Henning at the Seattle convention four years ago. I had loved his tattoos for years, but I had no idea that he was such a nice guy until I met him. He is absolutely one of the coolest guys in tattooing.

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Only had the opportunity to meet Henning a few times. Mostly at the SFO convention. Really nice to me and always a class act. Thanks Scott for the interview!

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For a while they did the 'one outlines one shades/colors' thing at Eddies on 4th Street here in Philly. I think it was Jerry and Tom that did it. Assembly line style. Great interview.

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That is a very humble man, cheers to Henning and Scott. Also can anyone enlighten as to what "pepper finger" refers to? I got the impression it referred to the time before gloves were standard?

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Met him briefly at the London Con last year... Wow, what a down to earth guy. He was making time to talk to anyone passing by, which struck me as really cool considering how busy he was setting up.

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after 18 years of tattooing, it's always so nice to have roll models like both those guys, for being as excited and hungry and thankful for what we do.

the tattoo industry needs a lot more people like that to really evaluate what it means to be a true tattoo artist.

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I feel so lucky to be a client of Henning. He's so talented and just a really nice guy overall. Can't say enough good things about him. Thanks for making this interview.

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