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  1. not everyone edits their work on instagram. fair few of the big names are actually against it. all that matters is that you like it and you’re happy with it. everything else is irrelevant really. i have 7 off days per year and finished my sleeve in 3 days while on vacation, so i think it’s definitely doable. i also have seen randy’s work upclose and heeled after 2 years, to say there’s not much difference is unfair.
  2. so 1500 euros for a chest piece from randy but with a longer wait time and 3000 euros if he wanted it done on sunday. that seems pretty fair to me. randy much like the other realism artist of his caliber all charge similar rates, i also know a fair few of them who actually lower their rates if the tattoo takes longer than expected.
  3. I would EASILY shell out 5k for a sleeve from someone like Samohin.
  4. Who is this guy from Germany you're talking about? 5k for that sleeve you got is also overpaying, but thats just my opinion. That is not a 5k quality tattoo. You could've got a sleeve from Ryan Evans with that kind of money.
  5. Traveling to get a large tattoo a logistic nightmare?

    It's firm that's for sure, I think we can all agree on that. 7 + 6 within 6 months to me is totally reasonable though. I've taken longer on tattoos that i'm getting locally. When i travel i put in minimum 20 hours or at least 3 sessions.
  6. Traveling to get a large tattoo a logistic nightmare?

    how many hours do you get in when you do travel to your artist? Personally i think if you put in less than 20 hours and have to wait another year to get an appointment in, i think the artist's stance is justified.
  7. #MeToo in the tattooing community

    I'm glad they are being outed, no place such behavior in the tattoo community or anywhere for that matter. If the accusations are true, i hope they never find a job in the industry ever again.
  8. Finding an artist

    no idea who does that kinda work in NYC/NJ area but Natalie Nox does a lot of that, she travels a lot.
  9. Full Back Piece Experience Thread

    thanks for the encouragement! i’m no stranger to multiple day sits. did 28 hours over 3 consecutive days for my sleeve. the back really sounds like it’s going to be a whole different beast though.
  10. Full Back Piece Experience Thread

    yes! that backpiece is crazy. she also has a voldemort piece from him on her hip/thigh that is absolutely insane. probably the best healed bng realism piece i’ve seen to date. will definitely try and get some food in me every small break, dan is a smoker so i’m sure we’ll have a few.
  11. Full Back Piece Experience Thread

    about to start my back piece in 2 months with dan molloy in perth. got 5 sessions squeezed into a week. i should not have gone into this thread lol. reading about the pain has made me much more nervous than i already am. with that being said, any advise on how i’d go about healing this?
  12. personally i prefer being alone. i’ll let a friend tag along me i see the stencil and what not but that’s it. they’ll have to leave shortly after the session starts. i don’t see anything from with bringing company though as long as they behave appropriately.
  13. Traveling to get a large tattoo a logistic nightmare?

    been flying from singapore to perth for the past 3 years to get tattooed. it’s about a 5 hour flight. will probably be flying to perth for a good 7 to 10 years more to finish the project i just started
  14. Upcoming Tattoos

    hahahahah whoops. forgot to add that it’ll only be for the back down to the butt for those 5 sessions. horrible sentence structure.
  15. Upcoming Tattoos

    got 5 days with dan molloy in feb to start off a huge project. back/right leg/left leg down to knees and my pelvic area. will start with the back down to the butt first.